The Hottest Booth Out Now is the 360 Video Booth!

360 Booth

What do you think is the hottest booth to rent in the market today?  It’s not the traditional photo booth that prints.  It’s not an all digital booth that can do boomerangs, videos and photos.  Definitely not the Glam Booth either that gives you the soft skin in a black and white filter. The 360 video booth (Orbital Slow Mo Booth) has been one of the hottest booths out in the market today. Why? Unlike a photo, the 360 is a video captured around you. You have he freedom to express things by body movement and not just a still picture.  The freedom to express your fun and wild side with various props, talents and celebrations.  Certain things can only be captured with a video instead of a photo.  It is a one of a kind experience and if you haven’t had the chance to try one, then let us give you more information about it.

How does our 360 video booth work and our process

There are many variations to the 360 video booth but we will be mainly talk about how ours work.  We use a mechanical 360 which means our booth is heavier because of the machine that spins under the platform.  We feel that have a mechanical 360 is better to get a consistent spin throughout your video.  The other alternative is to manually pushing the camera around.  See some of our content on our Instagram.

Our video and audio enhancements will make your video look way better.  We can do a combination of things from simple overlays to more elaborate video enhancements such as motion blur, mirror modes, etc.  Whatever your preference is, whether you want a simple overlay, motion overlay or crazy video effects, we are confident we can make it happen.  Samples will be provided below.

After your session, we use QR codes for android and AirDrop for iPhones.  Our process is simple and straight forward to download your video.  Soon after, you can post it on your social media feeds.  Finally, you never really get it right the first time so get back in line and do it a second time now that you are a pro.  Try a 360 booth out, you may never want to rent a traditional photo booth again.

Here is a little more information regarding our current 360 Booth package:

  • Unlimited use of Orbital Slow Mo 360 Booth for 3 hours
  • 1080 Output via GoPro
  • All around LED lights surrounding the booth
  • Custom overlay
  • Two Booth Ambassador
  • 6 to 9 seconds of recording rendered to a 15 second video
  • Online gallery of videos
  • Instant video download via QR code and AirDrop
  • Can work with or without internet connection
  • Set up and breakdown

Want to know more or see more content, visit our Orbital Slow Mo 360 Booth

Simple overlay sample with audio (overlay has out company name):

Motion overlay sample with simple overlay and audio:

Enhanced video effects with simple overlay and audio:

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