About Us

We are a family-owned business and started as a photo booth business officially in the beginning of 2017. We have expanded over the years and besides doing photo booth, we have incorporated our business to become a photo marketing agency. We have helped many of our corporate clients with their photo activations to gather necessary information, provide the best professional and fun experience for our client’s guests and to help our clients succeed in their marketing strategy. Best of all, photo booth is still our bread and butter so all of our non-corporate clients get the corporate treatment also.


There are 2 people who run the business. Me, the business minded, huggable teddy bear Christian and the keen eyed, perfectionist Andrea. I have been told I am very caring and know how to work with people well while Andrea is always trying to make whatever she is doing perfect and keeps up with the technological and fashion trends. Although we both bring something different to the table, but the one thing we do have in common is that we are always smiling. Oh and did I mention, we are husband and wife. You must be asking yourself, what makes us special than the rest? Personality, ingenuity, transparency and lastly, we put the client first.


We are constantly come up with creative ideas for marketing strategies for our clients, review timelines for best fit and heavily use new technology to our advantage. We want our clients to have a lasting memory not just from our quality photos but also the interaction with us and our team. We provide the unique resources and tools needed to create fun and memorable event for your guests and client.


What we look for in the end is a very satisfied client with a big smile. The photo booth service is one thing that will be memorable but what you will remember the most is our teams interaction together on how we made your event memorable for your guests.

About Us

What started off as taking photos & videos for our friends and family (as if we were pros!) and building our first photo booth for our engagement party, to now having our own business to help others
capture & create memories! The combination of our fascination with technology and current trends and our love for connecting with people and making their visions come to life is whats makes One, Two, Smile! such a blossoming small business.

Setting ourselves apart from typical photo booths and providing unforgettable experiences are just
a couple of our goals. We love and excel in helping plan and making custom designs for gatherings, as
well as teaming up with large corporations to market their products and build a strong media presence.

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