Photo Booth Rental in Napa, California

Napa Valley, with its rolling hills, world-renowned wineries, and idyllic charm, is the perfect setting for an unforgettable event. But what really elevates an occasion from good to truly magical? A photo booth rental from One, Two, Smile! Photobooth, of course!

Here are 5 reasons why choosing One, Two, Smile! Photobooth for your Napa Valley event is a guaranteed recipe for fun and cherished memories:

1. Memories that Savor like a Fine Wine:

Imagine your guests, bathed in the golden Napa sunset, laughing as they strike silly poses with fun prop signs in a sleek photo booth. Picture them holding printed photos, capturing the essence of the event, a tangible memory they’ll treasure long after the last toast fades. One, Two, Smile! Photobooth provides that experience. Their high-quality photos, printed instantly (or delivered digitally), become keepsakes that encapsulate the joy and spirit of your celebration.

2. Fun that Flows Freely:

Napa events are about connection and creating lasting bonds. Let’s face it, sometimes adults need a little nudge to break the ice. One, Two, Smile! Photobooth acts as a social glue, bringing people together around shared laughter and silliness. Their diverse selection of props, backdrops, and filters cater to all personalities, encouraging playful creativity and fostering conversations that flow as freely as the region’s finest wines.

3. Napa Elegance Meets Photo Booth Perfection:

Picture a sleek, open-air booth nestled amidst the vineyards, its design seamlessly blending with the Napa aesthetic. Or, envision a glamorous booth adorned with bright lights, adding a touch of class to your evening event. One, Two, Smile! Photobooth doesn’t just offer photo booths; they curate experiences. They work with you to personalize the booth to match your event’s theme and setting, ensuring it complements the Napa Valley magic, not distracts from it.

4. Beyond Photos: Memories Take Flight:

One, Two, Smile! Photobooth goes beyond the traditional photo booth. Want an unforgettable experience? Opt for their Orbital 360 Booth, capturing guests in a swirling video, or the Glam Booth, adding Hollywood glamour to your event. These innovative options create unique memories that transcend still images, making your Napa event truly one-of-a-kind.

5. Expertise and Exceptional Service:

One, Two, Smile! Photobooth isn’t just another photo booth rental company. They’re Napa Valley experts and, passionate about creating positive experiences and understanding the nuances of events in the region. They offer exceptional service, from seamless setup and operation to friendly attendants who ensure your guests have a blast. Their professionalism and local knowledge guarantee a stress-free experience, allowing you to focus on enjoying your event.

Beyond the reasons listed above, choosing One, Two, Smile! means:

Stress-free experience: They handle everything from setup to breakdown, leaving you free to relax and enjoy.

High-quality technology: Their booths are modern, reliable, and produce excellent photos and videos.

Positive reviews: Their satisfied customers sing their praises online!

So, are you ready to capture the Napa magic and create lasting memories?

Contact One, Two, Smile! Photo Booth today and let them help you design the perfect photo experience for your Napa Valley event. It’s time to uncork joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories!

We proudly serve the entire state of California, including San Francisco, Livermore, Danville, San Jose, Mill Valley, Napa, Santa Rosa, Fremont, Oakland, South of San Francisco, San Mateo, Palo Alto, Peninsula, Redwood City, Santa Clara, Walnut Creek, Brentwood, Daly City, and others!

Get in touch with us at (510) 463 – 4972 to discuss your next event more in detail! One, Two, Smile! Photo Booth rental  at your event is the best decision, regardless of the occasion.

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485 Brown St, Napa, CA 94559


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2295 Streblow Dr, Napa, CA 94558


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