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One, Two, Smile! Photobooth

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vogue booth

Show off your moves on the runway with the Vogue Booth. Enclosed and surrounded with LED lights, you can choose to print a photo or download a copy of your short video.

360 booth

360 booth from instagram

The show stopper for any 360 photo booth rental in San Francisco! The perfect wow factor for your event and a sure crowd pleaser!

glam booth

colored glam shot by one,two,smile! photobooth

A little bit of glitz and a whole lot of glamour! The glam booth like no other in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our advanced software and luxury print outs will give your photos that extra glam!


video guestbook from one two smile

Taking the guestbook frenzy to a whole new level! We love hearing congratulations, I love you's, etc. but let's make it extra special by seeing their lovely faces too!


Our valued clients from around the San Francisco Bay Area

"OMG! Our wedding guests can not stop talking about One, Two, Smile!"

"Our photos came out great and they saved the day!"

"We were thrilled with the quality, professionalism and fun provided by One, Two, Smile Photo Booth."

"One,Two,Smile! was great to work with again, and the props were very fun!"

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