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Best Photo Booth Experience For Your Event


When you wake up in the morning, do you think about what you are going to do for the day?  If so, will that affect what you will look like or how you will dress?  Well, choosing the best photo booth for your event is similar.  You have to think about your guests and the formality of the event.  There is no wrong choice for any event.  However, in our opinion, choosing best photo booth will work better at certain events.  The two broad categories that I will go over will be formal and casual events.  In addition, age group will be taken into consideration.


Best Photo Booth for Formal Events

Formal events can range from galas, weddings, black tie parties, etc.  Think about the times when you and your guests get dressed up.  Everyone wants to have their photo taken when they are dressed up.  Majority of these events are young, dressed up adults and adults “higher in age.”


Open Air Photo Booth

Best Photo Booth

The best photo booth would be our open air photo booth which would be the best for formal parties.  This booth uses a DSLR camera along with exceptional lighting to take your picture.  In addition, the photo also prints out for you to keep.  If the host has decided to have more than one photo on the print out, don’t worry.  We will give the host all the single photos for you to get and print for yourself.


Glam Booth

Best Photo Booth

If you want it over the top and have your photos at celebrity status, the glam booth is the best photo booth for the event.  It still uses a DSLR camera but this time we have a beautifier filter.  Our black and white Kardashian filter will smoothen out your skin.  It will be the best black and white photo printed of you!  In addition, we also have the same filter in color.  Both options will be fun and engaging for you and your guests.


Best Photo Booth for Casual Events

Casual events ranges from baby showers, birthdays, non-formal charity events, etc.  With everyone will be dress a little more comfortable, their range of motion will be a lot better.  This means they can bust out with their best dance moves, backflips and even the splits is an option.


Jol Booth & Soriée Booth


The best photo booth would be our Jol Booth or Soirée Booth fits the best for the very young to young adults.  These booths are specific for social media.  In addition to still pictures, they can do more modern functions like boomerangs, slow motion videos, bursts, video effects, jump cuts and many more.  The fun and creativity can be endless!  The young generation is all about social media and we are giving them access to be able to create content for them to post on their social accounts.


To conclude, there is no wrong choice in photo booth.  Our opinion is that they can all be interchangeable; However, what they do have in common is that you and your guests will have a great time.  Let us make your next event unforgettable.

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