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"OMG! Our wedding guests can not stop talking about One, Two, Smile!"

"Our photos came out great and they saved the day!"

"We were thrilled with the quality, professionalism and fun provided by One, Two, Smile Photo Booth!"

"One,Two,Smile! was great to work with again, and the props were very fun!"

A few of our past, current and retained clients:


We are a family owned, home based business. We just launched our business officially in the beginning of 2017 although have ran our photo booth since 2016 just for family events. There are 2 people who run the business. Me, the business minded,huggable teddy bear Christian and the keen eyed, perfectionist Andrea. I have been told I am very caring and know how to work with people well while Andrea is always trying to make whatever she is doing perfect. Although we both bring something different to the table, but the one thing we do have in common is that we are always smiling.


Oh and did I mention, we are husband and wife.You must be asking yourself, what makes us special than the rest? Personality and ingenuity. We are constantly try to come up with creative ideas for templates, backgrounds and use technology to our advantage. We want our customers to have a lasting memory from our photos. The special part is that the customer is ultimately the “designer“. Each photo taken is catered to the users needs and desire. We supply the unique resources and tools needed to create fun and memorable photos. What we look for in the end is a very satisfied customer with a big smile. Its not always about the photo booth service, its about how you feel about us helping you make your event special.




One, Two, Smile! Photo Booth

Photo Booth Rental San Francisco Bay Area

Why do some other companies make it complicated to rent a photo booth in the San Francisco Bay Area?  Luckily that’s not our way and we like to keep things simple.  We do not have a basic, plus or premium package for you to remember.  Just choose one of the three magnificent photo booths for rent to suit your occasion. We put the excitement into your event anywhere across the Bay Area; which includes the East Bay, North Bay, South Bay, Peninsula and beyond throughout the year.

If your venue is in the San Francisco area and above all, you’re looking for something different, check out our growing range of interest-age photo booths, including the vastly popular Open Air Booth and Jol Booth to only name two.

First of all, we use the fastest commercial DNP manufactured 10-second photo printers.  Secondly, we use the latest Canon DSLR cameras, producing super-sharp and fast photos.  Recent additions include the new Jol Booth for with the flashing LEDs to match your event to attract your guests.

Most importantly, don’t risk relying on your nearest photo booth supplier.  If your next event is in the San Francisco Bay Area, let us make your event unforgettable.

Party Photo Booth Rental

Whether you are celebrating a birthday or Christmas party, anniversary, engagement, baby shower; photo booths at parties are a trendy addition to the entertainment. In other words, the booth allows your guests to have considerable amounts of amusement.  In addition, creating unique reminders of your event.

Every party photo booth rental includes a minimum 2-hour period.  This allows plenty of time for your guests to get comfortable, and in an excited frame of mind.

Photo Booth Fun

Check out some of our favorite pictures of party guests having a great time courtesy of One, Two, Smile! over at our past events page.  Everyone loves being in one of our photo booths.  For example, keep your eye out for pictures of celebrities and our awesome props at special red-carpet events.


Wedding Photo Booth Rental Bay Area

Each and every One, Two, Smile! Photo Booth rental is a fun and trendy addition to your wedding celebration!

Let us take care of entertaining your guests on your big day.  Our range of attention-grabbing booths, fun extras and a uniformed attendant to make sure everything runs smoothly.  Meanwhile, you should check out our past events page to find out and see more pictures.  On the other hand, instead of traditional photographers; why not have a custom wedding template where guests can take, share and remember the photos in real time.

wedding photo booth rental

When you party with One, Two, Smile! Your guests can enjoy the unlimited use of the photo booth as a standard.  Perfect for making keepsakes for your guests.

Photo Booth San Francisco Bay Area

We are the San Francisco Bay Area’s exclusive party-rocking photo booth rental company!

Our stylish range of high quality booths have never been more popular; for instance, they are perfect for weddings, product launches, award ceremonies, or parents celebrating their child’s shower or birthday.

photo booth san francisco bay area

Whatever your event is, and however you wish to celebrate it; we won’t stop until it’s transformed into a fun-filled and stylish affair.

We focus on service and ensure your guests are spoiled rotten; therefore, it’s no surprise that our private and corporate clients have named One, Two, Smile! As their preferred photo booth rental company.

Corporate Photo Booth Rental Bay Area

We have worked with many corporate organizations from non-profit to huge money makers.  Most importantly, the service that we provide is popular and exceptional.  For instance, we service fundraisers and galas throughout the year, company parties, product launches, award ceremonies, sporting events, etc. But wait, now pay close attention!  We are not just a photo taking machine, but we gather the best information regarding your potential customers.  In other words, we can gather their name, best contact number and email address; most importantly, this will allow for you to be able to continue to provide them with YOUR marketing materials.  How valuable is that to a corporate organization?!


corporate photo booth rental

Whether you choose a traditional, open air booth, or something trendy like out Jol Booth; it’s certain to be a hit with your clients, your guests, your potential customers and your staff.  Similarly, let us not forget that we can fully customize the booths physically and digitally.   For example, branding physically and digitally for maximum publicity and impression.




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