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saved the day!"

-Wilson L.

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- Positive Coaching Alliance

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-Lindsey Wildlife


We are a family owned, home based business. We just launched our business officially in the beginning of 2017 although have ran our photo booth since 2016 just for family events. There are 2 people who run the business. Me, the business minded,huggable teddy bear Christian and the keen eyed, perfectionist Andrea. I have been told I am very caring and know how to work with people well while Andrea is always trying to make whatever she is doing perfect. Although we both bring something different to the table, but the one thing we do have in common is that we are always smiling. Oh and did I mention, we are husband and wife.You must be asking yourself, what makes us special than the rest? Personality and ingenuity. We are constantly try to come up with creative ideas for templates, backgrounds and use technology to our advantage. We want our customers to have a lasting memory from our photos. The special part is that the customer is ultimately the “designer“. Each photo taken is catered to the users needs and desire. We supply the unique resources and tools needed to create fun and memorable photos. What we look for in the end is a very satisfied customer with a big smile. Its not always about the photo booth service, its about how you feel about us helping you make your event special.